Male Student Caught on Camera Reaching Up Another Student’s Skirt With Nice-Looking Legs! – Netizens Were More Shocked When They Saw Who It Was!

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Netizens were shocked when they saw this male student reaching up this other student -with really nice-looking legs- skirt!

Initially people who saw this video were appalled at what seemed to be a clear case of sexual harassment at school. But there’s more to this story than a guy reaching up a skirt with nice-looking legs.

The shocking short clip was shared by netizen Morcon Tubol on Facebook. In the video, it would appear that the two students were in the cafeteria, the gymnasium or some other public place within school premises.

The male student was reaching under his companion’s skirt while the latter shooed him away.

Suddenly the male student became really aggressive and began forcing his hand up the skirt. The other tried to stop the male student by grabbing on to his arm. Unfortunately the male student wouldn’t stop. The camera pans upwards to reveal the identity of both students.

What camera recorded completely shocked everyone!

Watch the crazy video here!

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Morcon Tubol 发布于 2017年7月20日

As it turns out, the person with the nice legs in the skirt…was a guy! Beki moves much? The viral video has received over 629K views, 2K reactions and 820 shares as of writing.

Unsurprisingly many netizens were laughing at the viral video despite the implications of what they just saw. Remember guys: this may be a ‘funny’ viral video but s*xual harassment is no laughing matter. Let’s try to keep our jokes at least somewhat tasteful.

What did you think after seeing that video? Were you as surprised when the video got to the big reveal? How did you feel when you found out who those skinny legs belonged to?

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