Filipino Student Claims She Slept For 23 Hours And Visits Hell Only To Find Dolphy And Other Dead Celebrities Suffering There

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Do you believe in near-death experiences where people claim that have traveled in eternal places like heaven and earth?

Sounds impossible, right? But read on the story below of a young girl who claimed that she has seen and experience hell.

The unidentified woman said that she was able to go to heaven and hell after sleeping for almost 33 hours.
The student narrated that she had a chance to visit hell and saw several famous celebrities suffering in the fires of hell. Some of the celebrities that she said she met were the King of Comedy, Dolphy Quizon.

The video where she narrates her experience of visiting heaven and hell in her dreams is now going rounds on social media.

She consistently said that she went below the ground and saw other famous person like Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul III.

Watch her controversial video below and tell us what you think about her claims:


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